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May 15, 2012 / ABC Translation Services

Translations for the Medical Device Industry

Specialized Translations for the Medical Device Industry

ABC Translations ( is a worldwide leader in the translations of Medical Device manufacturing documents.

The Medical Device industry has achieved substantial worldwide growth both in overall sales and in advancements in new and vital product development. As companies continue to aggressively develop innovative biotechnology products for their worldwide audience, the need for language solutions on a global scale will continue to increase at an ever increasing rate.

Medical Device companies are targeting major world markets particularly in the key languages of Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese to name the major ones. Very few translation firms have been able to keep pace and stay ahead of the curve with the rapidly growing Medical Device industry and the corresponding language compliance and regulatory laws.

Experienced, Proven Specialized Medical Device Translators and Superior Processes are the Keys to Success

ABC maintains a rigorous linguist recruiting, screening and testing process that includes industry-specific testing of each translator, as well as an ongoing scoring system to ensure that our linguists consistently deliver the highest quality translations with industry-leading turnaround times. Each step of our quality control process is carefully documented to ensure that our translations will stand up to the scrutiny of any regulatory audit.

ABC also maintains a complete localization solutions staff to help Medical Device firms to globalize their products, as well as websites or any other electronic assets that may require localization for foreign markets, or even for non-English speaking markets in the United States. In addition to maintaining the industry benchmark for localization, ABC Translations understands the unique requirements of the variety of countries hold and is committed to providing services that meet the regulatory needs of our clients in the Medical Device field.

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