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May 15, 2012 / ABC Translation Services


Outsourcing translations of marketing material is timely and cost effective.

The growth of global communications has created a rapid expansion of international marketing opportunities. The world marketplace continues to grow in direct proportion to the constant shrinkage of language and cultural barriers. Outsourcing your foreign language marketing related material has proven to be a cost effective and timely solution for thousands of corporations and organizations worldwide. Centralizing your language sources is the key to consistent marketing results.

Proper localization of marketing material is of the utmost importance for any international company and can make or break a product. Thorough understanding of the target audience is essential when delivering a message across cultures. Accurate translation and formatting of a company’s services and products are the first steps in any international marketing endeavor and professional native linguists are the primary building blocks in the process of successful international marking.

Having generally been an English dominated medium, the Internet is rapidly changing to an even mix of many languages, thus creating larger worldwide audiences. In the final analysis, multilingual marketing material is perhaps the most cost effective method for bringing in new customers.

A client needed marketing material translated for a major trade show. With only three days notice, ABC Translations ( language experts translated, formatted and delivered 100% culturally correct documents on time. The show was an overwhelming success based on the accuracy and timeliness of our work.

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