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April 10, 2012 / ABC Translation Services

Washington DC Translation Solutions

Washington DC keeps a constant, and vital, connection with the rest of the world. As the capital city of one of the world’s leading nations, Washington DC’s every aspect has international influence. With so many foreign visitors (both official and non-official) and so much communication with international organizations, Washington DC relies heavily on excellent translation and interpretation services.
To meet the demanding, fast pace of DC’s business and politics, you need a translation solution that works fast and works well. ABC Translations is that solution. Here’s why:

  • We work with over 3,000 translators from all areas of expertise
  • We translate and interpret over 150 of the world’s most spoken languages
  • Our advanced system let’s us assign projects moments after we receive them
  • We complete emergency translation projects as quickly as within one business day
  • Our client care department never closes – you can call us anytime
  • We handle multi-language projects smoothly thanks to a fantastic project management system
  • Every project passes through our strict quality assurance department
  • Complex documents pose no problem for us – we’re experts in virtually every field

Get a quote online or call us right now to discuss your translation and interpretation needs. A translation specialist will advise you of the best way to get your language needs met on time, under budget, and with extreme accuracy.

For more information on our translations in Washington DC, please visit our website at

Washington’s DC Best Translations

We are able to proudly offer Washington’s DC best translation services because we have built our business on the three most stable foundations of success in translation: Speed, Accuracy, and Price. There is nobody faster than us (Emergency and Rush translation – open 24 hours); there is nobody more accurate (Expert translators and Relentless Quality Control); and we have the best price.
We owe our ability to perform at the top to our people – by far the best people in the business.

Washington DC Translators

There is no question about the incredible ability of our translators. Their skills and subject knowledge make it possible for us to do so much for so many. And to do it BETTER than others can. We work with a lot of different translators – but we have been extremely selective while building our team. We hire only the best in the field – and we make sure we always have the perfect translator for every project.

Our Customer Service Staff

Our customer service staff and our Washington DC translation managers are always ready to meet you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work YOUR HOURS no matter what hours you keep. Our great customer service, offered around the clock, sets us far apart from every other translation agency out there. They provide excellent translation solutions in emergency and overnight rush situations. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied.

For more information, send an email to

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