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January 24, 2012 / ABC Translation Services


The advertising industry has been a mainstay of ABC Translations ( for more than 20 years. In both interpreting and translating, our full array of services has been an integral part of product awareness in today’s world of instantaneous global communications. Culturally correct information is paramount in the advertising industry and having the proper language professionals is a fundamental element for meeting your advertising goals.

Interpreting for the Advertising Industry

From product development and research through product presentation, our interpreters have worked in a variety of advertising settings that include conferences, meetings, presentations, photo shoots, television spots and voiceovers. ABC interpreters have executed wide varieties of public service announcements and campaigns involving hundreds of products and concepts. ABC offers local interpreting services in every language across the nation and world and has the resources to execute “on the spot” coverage for your immediate and future needs.

Translations for the Advertising Industry

ABC translators and editors localize a wide variety of advertising material and do so in every conceivable format and program. Our vast staff of native linguists ensures that all material is properly localized and formatted according to the target audience. Our translation services cover general ads, announcements, long-term product campaigns, product introductions, web sites, catalogues and all forms of marketing material. Our desktop publishing department formats advertising material in a multitude of software programs and can organize your translations in complete accordance with you objectives.

Language Solutions for Advertising Challenges

ABC has native speaking experts who are familiar with all of the relevant components that comprise the advertising industry. Our staff is highly experienced at working within the exacting parameters of the advertising industry and many firms have discovered that outsourcing language needs to professionals is cost and time effective. ABC professionals can help you quote projects and turn assignments with lightning quick speed and 100% accuracy.

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