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January 23, 2012 / ABC Translation Services

Trusted Translations for the Pharmceutical Industry

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Pharmaceutical Translation Service

Our pharmaceutical translation services are completed by translators with recognized expertise in different academic fields and the health industries in many different countries.

The pharmaceutical industry has been submitting more and more approvals for new drugs in Japan and China than ever before. This is all part of the increasing globalization trend that is revolutionizing the reach and distribution of pharmaceutical companies. This globalization is accompanied by a huge surge in the demand for high quality pharmaceutical and technical and medical translations. Technical translations are required for medical equipment manufacturing and user guides, and the increasing use of agricultural chemicals has ushered in a new era in which medical scientific pharmaceutical studies are being published in many languages.

The translators needed for such highly complex work must come from every corner of the globe, but the requirements remain the same: each pharmaceutical translator must possess the requisite linguistic and subject matter expertise to responsibly translate for pharmaceutical, medical, chemistry, biology and life science documents.

Our pharmaceutical translation system is one of the most sophisticated yet reliable ever devised for the translation industry. Besides using translation tools like TRADOS, we have developed an international gateway for the seamless communication of translators, editors, proofreaders, and project coordinators. We successfully leverage the advantages of computer technology, the Internet, and human skill to produce pharmaceutical translations that are among the best available. Futhermore, you can rest assured that your documents are carefully protected behind fire-walled databases. We adhere to the most stringent privacy policies.

Common materials we translate for the pharmaceutical industry include: Medical science studies • Scientific abstracts • Human treatment manuals • Toxicity assessments • FDA Applications • Summaries of electronic application • Drug catalogs • Clinical evaluations • Reports on ingredients • Written drug manufacturing approval documentation • Medical equipment documentation for manufacturing approval, manuals, and catalogs • Legal applications for agricultural chemicals • Veterinary science studies and applications.

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