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December 1, 2011 / ABC Translation Services

Washington DC Translation Services

Need A specialized Washington DC Translation Service? If you are in search of Washington D.C. translation services, you are in luck. ABC Translations is a trusted provider of quality translations, and has over 20-years experience serving all types of businesses, government agencies, non-profits, non-governmental agencies (NGOs) and patent attorneys.

Do you need specialized Washington D.C. translation service offerings? We have specialties in several areas that demand technical expertise and understand the nuances and terminology that your business demands for well translated documents or other media.

What media are you using? ABC Translations can handle hand written, typed, audio or video transcribing and translation needs. Are you looking for translation on paper or translation in a live interpreter scenario? Do you need multiple language knowledge as well as specific business knowledge? ABC Translations has the resources to properly manage complex projects that require multiple languages and specific expertise.

When you choose a company to handle your foreign language translation needs, you want guarantees and to have specific expectations. Beyond the pricing, you want to know what your lead time will be and how the finished product will be presented to you.

Looking for a Washington D.C. translation agency and other resources?

Should you buy a computerized translation software package instead and deal with it yourself? While this area is growing in terms of modernization and ability, many people find that using a computer program alone is ineffective and inaccurate as well. Human intervention is typically required and human intervention where knowledge of the subject matter is present is even more effective. Knowing how to speak, write and understand in two different languages is typically not enough. Business expertise and experience is frequently a major component.

If you regularly deal in transcribing, translation and interpreting activities in your line of business you need a company that can service all your needs. There are specialized companies who work in one area or ones that work in many. Some companies deal with various translation experts based on different needs but finding a one-stop solution can be very helpful for your business. Not only will you know that your needs can be met but the centralized billing and single point of contact option can make this worthwhile.

Choosing a translation service is an important decision. We invite you to contact us to find out more about our translation services in the Washington D.C. area.

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