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November 17, 2011 / ABC Translation Services

Patent Translations

Patent Translations

ABC Translations can provide flawless, professionally prepared patent application translations.

ABC Translations has expert technical and legal translators ready to provide service to patent law firms throughout the world. Our team of professional patent translators work in virtually every language, including Asian languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean; and in European languages such as German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

ABC Translations patent translation services can accurately translate patent applications, prior art, foreign references and related IP documents, and documents related to patent litigation. Our patent translators are chosen for their fluency, educational background, and expertise in the technical field related to the matter.

Translated patents are formatted in the correct patent format and conform to the guidelines of the local patent office – ensuring that patent applications are accurate and accepted. Patent drawings are translated and can be lettered again if required.

We provide expert translation of patents into English or virtually any other language in the world, as well as translation of court documents in patent litigation cases.

When you require speed, accuracy, and technical proficiency in your patent translation, turn to ABC Translations – a trusted translation agency for over 20 years.

For more information on patent translations, please visit us at or contact us at info @

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